Magdalene’s Black Rose

Who Is Mary the Magdalene?


Who is Mary Magdalene? Why does it matter?

I am an inigma, a mystery, a lost black rose in the memory of the Holy Lands. A women who walked with Him the Lord of Lords. While he has  been worshipped for 2000 years I am mostly hidden behind his shroad of Death.

Yet our Love lives on, in the heart flames of the Beloved. Here we live and sing, and dance and play like children. Here are held the Templates and keys and codes for all significent Love relationships.

I am shown with black hair or red hair. My Lord did have reddish-blondish hair for we carry the DNA of the Holy Kumaras of Venus.

I was his companion, his beloved, his friend - really all relationships, because we were twins flames and consorts. Did we marry? Read the book Magdalene’s Black Rose the Love Story of Jesus and His Beloved.         


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