Magdalene’s Black Rose

 The Black Madonna

The Black Madonna has been worshipped for centuries in ancient Europe. Some say that The Great Mother fell from Heaven and burned to a crisp charcoal, like a shooting star. Legend says that this is the reason that the Black Madonna is so loved by the people. She represents the deep, dark voidal energies, from which all has come.  She holds great mystery.  Unfortunately, in many places, her worship was forbidden by the Church.

Great healings have been attributed to rare and sacred images of the Divine Mother. The Cult of the Black Madonna gained such momentum that the Church hid many of the statues from the people. Some were painted white, others were gilded over, but the people continue their vigil to The Black Madonna.

Who is she? Where did she come from? Some say that Mary Magdalene was the Black Madonna.  Did she come from Ethiopia?  Was she born in Damascus? Was she a whore, a priestess, a wife, or a mother? Who was the Magdalene?

We know that Mary Magdalene frequently accompanied Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth).  She became a disciple and taught the Holy Women with Mary, His Mother.  Yet, little is known of the Magdalene.

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