Magdalene’s Black Rose


Feet of Christ

Feet of Christ, Feet that walked His Path,
That led Him to His Mother’s house,
Where He bowed His Great Head,
And rested from the outer world.

Feet the Magdalene touched with compassion,
That she oiled and wiped with her tears,
Feet she kissed and blessed with Love,
Feet of Christ.

Feet that walked the hills of Galilee,
Feet that walked His Path
That were present when he healed the sick,
When He spoke the Beatitudes and
Gave the Lord’s Prayer,
When He raised Lazarus from the dead, Feet of Christ.

Christ, we love your precious feet,
We anoint them with the oil of kindness,
And kiss them like the Magdalene,
For they brought you to us,
Our hearts open – feeling your Love,
Feet of Christ.

Magdalene’s Black Rose p.140.

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