Magdalene’s Black Rose

Twin Flame Love of Christ & Magdalene


Twin Flames are known in every country, culture, and time, including today. With the Twin  Flames comes the compelling stories of True Love, testing, challenges of the  love, overcoming all obstacles or sometimes, like us, facing tremendous  tragedy.

 The Twin is the other half of the self. [Secret teaching given now to you. - There are only 13 twin pairs on the planet because these are what is called Central Souls and Central Spirits. These beings are major players. There are 144,000 aspects of these beings.] These are the soul mates. Christ and I are twins. Most other relationships are soul mate relationships. They are beings who are in the same soul family. There love is not as intense and the pair often have an easier chance of getting alone harmoniously. Yet Christ and I were both at the place in our spiritual evolution where we moved through all tests given by the I Am Presence/Lord Maitreya, the Father quite easily even though with pain. But the Love was worth it.

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