Magdalene’s Black Rose


Chapter 27 Our Love

The time of our Love was spent in glory and grandeur of the Lord God and the Lady God on High; and also the Lord and Lady Christ upon the earth; as above, so below. We reflected our Love outward and gathered it, also, within us, as One Spirit — Holy and on Fire. We burned and scorched each other, thus cleansing all life with the Holy Fire.

Only the Outer Mysteries of Union may be taught out loud, but that which is secret the Inner Mysteries must remain secret.  One not yet initiated by fire may be burned and even die in the flesh. Much must remain unspoken.

Yet through my words come encodements, which shall naturally unfold in those who are prepared; those whose wicks are trimmed and lamps have been made ready by the Lord and Lady Christ.

Jesus and I shared our wisdom together.  We taught each other. Although he had traveled and studied in Egypt, there were many rituals and practices of Isis, which he had not been exposed to.

Isis and I continued our relationship as well. She loved Jesus and we all enjoyed sharing energy together. Sometimes we meditated together.

Inscriptions were of special interest to us. I was very adept at interpreting them, and Jesus and I would come up with humorous twists.  Our child-selves enjoyed playing together.  Behind the pages, we abstracted the scenario of the one writing the passage.  We would interpret how much influence was seeping through from the author’s personality and how much was recorded with the pure energy of Spirit.

One day I asked, “What if we had never met?”

“That would be impossible. You are imprinted on my soul.  We are like magnets.  Nothing could keep us apart. I still remember the first time that I saw you, when I was at the pool of Bethesda. I knew at that moment that I would marry you.”

“But I was only a child,” I said.

“It doesn’t matter; the eternal connection was made in the physical. On other levels, we had always known each other.  Don’t you remember?”  Magdalene, you are my soul, I have always known you, trusted you, loved you  before the beginning of time. Did we not find each other?  Were we not first in dreams together? God would not keep us apart. We are one soul divided equally into male and female.  You are my essence.

“We are like doves flying across the heavens.  Now we return to our sacred family, our sheep, our lambs and our disciples.  We are the Beloveds alone; we are the Beloveds together. We know our own.”

“Of course, my whole life shifted when our eyes met,” I reflected. “You are Horus, aren’t you?”

“Horus and I can shape-shift together. He allowed me to use his vehicle.  Visiting you was vital to my spiritual growth.  You filled in the spaces within my being. You and I merged a million times, without touching each other or even being on the same dimension. Your face draws me inside your soul. It always has, since that first glimpse of you…” We laughed with the lightness of children.

He put his arms around me. “I won’t always be with you, my Magdalene…at least, not in embodiment.”

“Don’t speak of that, my Lord,”

“But,” he said, “you do know?”

“Of course,” I said, lifting my head, and looking steadily with deepest Love, into his eyes.

Christ Beloveds

The Beloveds stand together,
Their arms entwined like roses,
Their hearts pouring out Love,
Their auras brilliant in the sun.

Beloved Christ smiles at his lady,
She stands pure and strong beside him,
He is the Shepherd, she is the Shepherdess,
Of the flock, they both teach and protect.

Hail Lord Jesus, Emmanuel, the Messiah,
Hail Mary, the Magdalene, the feminine Christ,
Hail Lord Jesus, Hail Mary Magdalene!

Jesus and Magdalene

Magdalene’s Black Rose p 104-106


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