Magdalene’s Black Rose

Magdalene’s Preview

I Am the Magdalene –
Wife of Christ, Soul of Oneness, 138
Beyond all time and space.

I Am the Shepherdess of the flock,
For our story is the healing of the nations,
The raising of the Blue Rose,
The lineage of the Blue Apples.

What mystery must we unlock?
I present a different story –
Unlike the other parallel lives,
That Jesus and I shared together.

Each story is true in some parts,
Yet I take the license I must,
For all is an illusion upon this plane,
Yet lessons of the soul must unfold.

Jesus and His Mother live on,
In spirit and in flesh multiplied,
As descendants of the One Light,
We move through time together.

I Am here; I Am there; I AM.
Joining with you now to tell my Story,
In the manner of My Choosing,
That the world’s children would know our Love.

The Magdalene

Page viii of the Black Rose

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