Magdalene’s Black Rose

Magdalene’s Black Rose: The Love Story of Jesus and His Beloved


“I grew up Catholic. Magdalene's Black Rose was such an eye opener. I came out of the Square Box. If you have read or seen the movie The DaVinci Code you certainly will be moved by Magdalene’s Black Rose."

Rosa Z., Redding, California.

“Magdalene's Black Rose is more than a book. It is an experience… I couldn’t put it down. It is the ultimate, I felt I was there. I was so shocked and surprised…It is more about the love relationship. It is so profound, precious and intimate…I cried a lot… I felt so much love. I have already read the book twice. I am going to reread it again – many times.”

Betty S., Pounding Mill, Virginia

"I loved it. I felt things shift around myself. I think it is very profound. It supported the Goddess, and the Mother and Mary Magdalene as the Christ."

Ariel M., Mount Shasta, California

“Yards and yards of White Satin...

John, Dunsmuir, California

"I don't think there are books on this topic that have such Truth. I literally had cold chills down my spine many times while reading Magdalene's Black Rose.  I feel that Mary-Ma is really an amazing channel and you can really feel the  high vibration while reading her books. They are truly one of a kind."

Anna Y., Los Angeles, California

“Magdalene’s Black Rose is the most important book of this decade. It will heal humanity and help prepare the WAY for the upcoming Golden Age. Read this novel; it is a MUST READ.”

God the Father

“I read the Black Rose for an hour last night. All of my chakra opened up completely. It was very, very powerful.   After reading this book you’ll never be the same.

Robb Siminson
Architect from Mount Shasta, CA. 8-3-15

“I picked up the Black Rose book. It felt holy and sacred. I need to keep it clean in my hands and heart…I could cry. That is the way it should be with twin flames. The purity is love. It is pure love. It/this book will change you forever.

Shannana  Emclaw WA.

“I am reading your book Magdalene’s Black Rose.

I am on page 326, now. It has a quality unlike any other writing I’ve read. It shifts me into a space both familiar and unfumaliar.

Sarah Naiditch (Bayside Sarah)
Channel for Spirit
Bayside, CA.

”I just finished Mary Magdalene - Black Rose. Wonderful reading. It did help clear the grief that I held for the crucifixion and the pain of the two Marys and the entire group of disciples, which I have felt so keenly for years.”

Love you,
Beth DeCamp

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