Magdalene’s Black Rose

New Book on Jesus and His Beloved

Magdalene’ Black Rose the Love Story of Jesus and His Beloved by Mary Clarice McChrist is coming just arrived. This compelling Love Story is one of the most beautiful ever written. Christ Jesus and Magdalene offer an amazing example of Divine Love set within the challenges of Christ’s life.  Mary Magdalene tells the story in her own words.  She gave the book telepathy to Mary McChrist. She explained to author Mary McChrist this novel will dramatically shift the world of Christianity. It reveals unknown secrets of the birth of the Christ Child, of the life of the Magdalene, The Temple of Isis, the Holy Women, their initiation by Christ, the Secret Holy Grail Ceremony at dawn, those who held the line for Christ during the Crucifixion. It also reveals the First Stigmata, Magdalene’s Cave in Southern France, the sacred Resurrection of Christ in His own words, the amazing Pentecost and more.  This book will shift the way you feel about life, death, the Magdalene, the Crucifixion and Father God.

This book is healing, you will feel chills, shed tears; your heart will open up wider.  You will receive healing from the Love of these Twin Flames. Magdalene’s Black Rose the Love Story of Jesus and His Beloved answers questions that have been asked about Magdalene and Jesus for the past 2000 years as well as stirs up other controversy. This book is available in Mount Shasta at Soul Connection, Village Books, Mary- Maitreya Mother Temple, Shasta’s Author’s Guild both at 105 East Alma Street behind the Chai Shop, and on under Mary Clarice McChrist. For more information call 530-938-4277.  Please help spread the word. Ask your local book store to order this book!

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